FISSMAN MIRA Deep Frying Pan With Double Screw Handle with Aluminum and Non-Stick Coating 24cm

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The recognized leader in the production of kitchen utensils presents a new series of frying pans MIRA, the main advantage of which is the Professional multilayer  and non-stick coating 

An additional non-stick layer of IlagProfessional professional coating contains food grade silicone. It enhances non-stick properties and provides reliable protection against mechanical abrasion for many years.

Frying pans MIRA meet international environmental standards and have appropriate certificates. In the production of tableware, the FISSMAN not use toxic substances

  • The cooked food is safe and gives excellent taste.
  • The deep shape allows the whole family to cook, save time and energy.
  • High sides are perfect not only for frying, but also for stewing dishes.
  • The induction pan heats up quickly and evenly to the desired temperature, preventing food from burning.
  • The thick walls of the MIRA series frying pans contribute to an even distribution of heat, and exclude deformation from overheating or falling in the ground.
  • Unique double-lock Bakelite handles will not loosen.
  • The handles are made in a noble gray 'wood grain' shade.
  • Thanks to the soft-touch effect, they are comfortable to use, pleasant to the touch, not slip and not heat up.