FISSMAN MALACHITE Wok Pan 24X7cm with Aluminum and Non-Stick Coating Coating

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Decorate the kitchen with our spectacular design stockpot!

The bright color finish with the texture of granite takes the decoration into the next level!

Its made from durable Aluminium material not only transfers the heat faster but the important factor is the even heat distribution.

The Soft-touch Bakelite ergonomic handle ensures firm-grip and no need to wear any glove as it keeps your hand safe even from a much hotter hot pan.

  • EcoStone coating, which is chosen by professional chefs, stains of different colors are responsible for resistance to different types of influences and protect against different types of damage, thereby extending the life of products.
  • Bakelite handles with soft-touch wood-like finish are comfortable to use, pleasant to the touch, do not slip, do not heat up.
  • Unique green shade, pleasing to the eye, will satisfy the needs of the most sophisticated and modern customers.
  • The MALACHITE series is a complete set of cookware for preparing different types of dishes: pans, ladles, saucepans, pots and woks.



Just grab our MALACHITE Series pan to get intelligent heat distribution for perfectly cooked delicious food!


Color: Green

Material: Aluminium

Non-Stick Coating: EcoStone

Handle: Bakelite

Compatible With: Gas Stove, Electric Stove, Glass Ceramic and Induction