FISSMAN Glass Lid ARCADES 24cm with DARK BROWN marble Silicone Rim

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9968 Lid ARCADES 24 cm with DARK BROWN marble silicone rim (glass) Explore and use our innovative kitchen utensils that will pleasantly surprise you with their design and efficiency.
A lid is needed to preserve the succulence of prepared dishes; to increase the temperature inside the pots and pans; to prevent splashes on the skin, clothes and furniture. FISSMAN presents a ARCADES lid made of tempered glass with a silicone rim, which has undeniable advantages:
• Durability - retains its operative qualities during long and active use
• Transparent glass lid allows you to observe the food’s readiness without opening the lid, thus preventing splashes getting on skin and clothing
• Steam vent – allows steam to escape freely; the lid won’t steam up
• Silicone rim fits tightly without slipping or scratching the coating
• The silicone handle is pleasant to the touch, non-slip and heat resistant
• Resistant to grim and easy to care for
• Safe for health and environmentally friendly
When purchasing FISSMAN products, you make a choice in favour of high - quality, health and safety. Create, try new things, and treat yourself and your loved ones. FISSMAN wishes you success in the culinary field!