FISSMAN Frying Pan GREY STONE 20cm with Induction Bottom Pressed Aluminium with Matt Sanding GreyNon-Stick Coating

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The GRAY STONE series from FISSMAN is an innovative product made from natural, sustainable materials.

Aluminium heats up quickly and distributes heat evenly.

The heavy-duty multi-layer Platinum coating is responsible for safety.

It was the FISSMAN company that first began to use it for the production of its products, relying on natural, safe raw materials.

The GRAY STONE series is one of the best in the FISSMAN collection of pans.

The quality of the products has been tested over the years: they are used with pleasure by both professionals and ordinary chefs.

The Platinum Coated Frying Pan is a reliable companion in your daily cooking of delicious and healthy food.

Choose the best for your family: trust the experience of FISSMAN.

  • Deep shape are great for stewing, making sauce and many more
  • Safe for health and in environment
  • The roughened surface is ideal for crispy food.
  • Wear resistance ≥ 4000 cycles
  • Bakelite handle does not heat up, does not slip in the hand
  • The induction bottom is suitable for all types of stoves, has a high thermal conductivity
  • Free of cadmium and lead
  • Does not contain harmful subtances