FISSMAN Feeding Bottle Borosilicate Glass with Wide Neck 120ml (Green)

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All the best for children today is a guarantee of the health and well-being of generations in the future.

FISSMAN presents you a feeding bottle made of heat resistant borosilicate glass.

The material meets all the requirements for children's tableware, provides parents and children with comfort when using. The feeding bottle has undeniable advantages:

  • Reliability and durability -borosilicate glass is the most hygienic material that does not interact with food, is not subject to staining upon contact with food coloring or deformation when exposed to high temperatures
  • The bottle is made of environmentally friendly and safe silicone. It is resistant to abrasion, not sticky, odorless, approved for use from the first days of life
  • Convenient shape - allows the baby to grip on his own, and the bright print attracts attention and develops color perception
    The transparent cover has a protective function, preventing dust from getting on the teat and the formation of dirt at home and outdoors
  • Temperature resistance - up to + 120 ° C, sterilization resistance
  • A convenient scale with a step of 30ml is provided
  • Wide neck for easy bottle cleaning
  • No harmful subtances