FISSMAN EVITA 6pcs Stainless Steel Cookware Set with Glass Lids

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6PCS Cookware set EVITA with glass lids (stainless steel) FISSMAN values its customers and pays great attention to the quality of all of its products. EVITA cookware series is made from the safest high-quality grade 18/10 (INOX304) stainless steel that is heat resistant, corrosion resistant and is very easy to clean. Multilayer encapsulated base offers outstanding heat distribution thanks to layers of aluminium and copper that reveal the taste of a dish and preserves all the food’s goodness. Additionally, the induction layer makes the pan universal for all types of cookers.
• Stainless steel body 18/10 (INOX304) (high quality stainless steel, environmentally friendly material, safe for human health)
• Multilayer induction base (for all hob types, high heat conductivity)
• Measurement markings (control volume of liquid)
• Transparent shock resistant glass lid allows you to observe the food’s readiness without opening lid preventing splashes getting on skin and clothing.
• Strong and comfortable stainless steel riveted handles
• The optimally selected dimensions of the saucepan and casseroles in the set allow you to cook several dishes at the same time on the same hob
• The saucepan is convenient for cooking eggs, porridge, ravioli and small quantities of pasta, as well as for boiling water and milk. The stockpots come in handy for cooking vegetables, first and second courses, compotes, etc
• Approved by professional chefs
• Environmentally friendly and safe for health
By choosing our branded stainless steel cookware EVITA from FISSMAN, you can be sure of the highest standard of quality and simplicity of use. Additionally, the stylish original design adds beauty to any kitchen.