FISSMAN EPHA Bread Knife 20cm

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EPHA Series

The bread knife is suitable for slicing all types of bread, muffins, cakes, etc.

The sharp blade can also be used for hard-skinned fruits such as watermelon, pineapple, or melon.

EPHA series kitchen knives are made of 3Cr13 steel, created by Asian technologists.

Metallurgists managed to obtain material with excellent performance characteristics.

The advantages of knives made of 3Cr13 include strength, hardness, and resistance to wear.

The blades have double-sided symmetrical sharpening along the entire length of the cutting edge, which ensures easy cutting and grooving.

The thickened heel of the blade prevents the fingers from slipping onto the blade and provides additional support during operation.

Each model is equipped with a stainless steel bolster that evenly distributes the load during operation.

The ABS plastic handle is firmly fixed with three screws.

To prolong the life of the knife, it should be washed by hand.

  • Thickened blade heel for finger protection
  • Knife balancing knob at the end of the handle
  • Rivets for secure fixation of the handle to the blade
  • All-metal knife sharp and durable