FISSMAN DIAMOND Aluminium with Non-Stick Coating Frying Pan 28x6.0cm

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Frying pan DIAMOND 28x6.0 cm (aluminium with non-stick coating) FISSMAN is one of the leaders in the global cookware market, producing products that meet high standards of quality and that are environmentally friendly. DIAMOND range cookware from FISSMAN represents a real technological breakthrough in the creation of cookware. Frying pans with a non-stick coating are distinguished by their durability, wear -resistance and versatility. The Greblon C3 + coating was developed and manufactured in Germany by experienced technologists from Greblon (
• The innovative multi-layer non-stick coating Greblon C3 + has exceptional properties because it consists of ceramic particles in the coating that are abrasion and rust resistant.
• Greblon ?3+ is the choice of professionals, available to everyone who cares about their quality of life.
• As a result of special coating application technology, the coating is equivalent to natural stone, both visually and by touch.
• The rough surface of the pan is ideal for cooking to a delicious crispy crust.
• The design is well thought out right down to the smallest detail; a stylish two-colour handle with silicone inserts and a unique external surface that has a volumetric graphic pattern.
The great advantage of DIAMOND cookware is that it can be used on all different modern types of hob. The cookware is compatible with both induction and glass ceramic hobs. Additionally, it is worth mentioning that the cookware is dishwasher safe.
FISSMAN is not just a big brand, but importantly it is of reliable quality, the product of the thorough work of technologists and designers and inspired by the idea of safe and reliable cookware.
Any FISSMAN product is a worthy choice over other options. Preparing delicious meals is a pleasure and comes with the health benefits of using DIAMOND cookware from FISSMAN.