FISSMAN Deep Frying Pan VEGA 28x8cm with Double Screw Handle Aluminium With Non-Stick Coating

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The recognized leader in the production of kitchenware - FISSMAN, presents a new VEGA range with Greblon C3 + PEEK coating, developed and produced in Germany by experienced Greblon technologists.

The novelty is suitable for preparing delicious, healthy food in your home kitchen and delicious dishes in restaurants and cafes.

Professional chefs and amateurs will be able to demonstrate their skills using the best qualities of VEGA pans with Greblon C3 + PEEK coating: convenience,  durability, excellent non-stick properties.

Greblon C3 + PEEK cookwares coating is highly recommended by professional chefs around the world.

The key feature of VEGA pans is their high wear resistance (50,000 cycles), as well as the highest resistance to damage and abrasion.
The composition of the Greblon C3 + PEEK coating is an extremely environmentally friendly raw material. Does not contain harmful substances.

VEGA frying pans meet international environmental standards and have appropriate certificates.

The deep shape allows the whole family to cook, saving time, energy, and energy. High sides are perfect not only for frying but also for stewing dishes.

The induction pan heats up quickly and evenly to the desired temperature, preventing food from burning. Thanks to the rough surface of the non-stick coating, food is easily browned and covered with a delicious crispy crust.