FISSMAN Deep Frying Pan MOSSES STONE Straight 24x6.5cm Aluminium with Non-Stick Coating

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Cooking can be more than just a daily routine task, but it can also be a completely creative process.
For this, a good mood and the right dishes are enough.
An unconditional attribute in every kitchen is good-quality dishes, on which the products do not burn, do not stick to the bottom, and reveal their taste.
Appearance is also of great importance. Everyone wants to create a beautiful dish.

The MOSSES STONE series from FISSMAN is the union of quality, aesthetics, and safety.

MOSSES STONE products are a real gift for those who choose the best for themselves and their families.
The main feature of the series and the pride of the FISSMAN brand is the ultra-durable multi-layer non-stick coating TouchStone of its design.

  • The surface of the coating is smooth, with green and white blotches.
  • Cookware of noble brown color looks stylish and can become a decoration of any kitchen.
  • Due to the smooth surface, both meat and vegetable dishes are cooked well and quickly, the products are easy to clean.
  • TouchStone is abrasion-resistant.
  • Dots of different colors are  for resistance to different types of impact, which means that the manufacturer uses layers that protect against different types of damage.
  • The deep shape allows the whole family to cook, saving time, energy, and energy. High sides are perfect not only for frying but also for stewing dishes.
  • Bakelite handles with soft-touch coating are comfortable to use, safe to the touch, does not slip, does not heat up.
  • The MOSSES STONE series is represented by-products of various functionality: buckets, classic and deep frying pans, as well as pancakes.