FISSMAN Crepe Pan FIORE 20cm Aluminium with Non-Stick Coating

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Have the best cookware utensils collection by getting our durable saucepan pan! Made from premium quality Aluminum and the coatings are shined with gold and silver speckles.

The Bakelite ergonomic wooden handle ensures firm-grip and no need to wear any glove as it keeps your hand safe even from a much hotter hot pan.

The eco-friendly and scratch-resistant coating avoids the risk of exposure to hazardous chemicals to preserve the food in a hygienic way. It has a solid glass lid to observe food readiness and avoids splashing.

Cleaning is much easier as it won’t leave any greasy deposits in the pan.

This black and white speckles coated frying pan is compatible with gas, electric, glass-ceramic stoves, and induction cookware.

Grab our multi-layer pan with superior Marble non-stick properties and is free of PFOA to preserve healthy and delicious food.

This heavy-bottomed pan is perfect for heating milk, water, cooking eggs, making sauces, ravioli, caramel, pasta, melting butter, and also for reheating the smaller portions of cooked dishes.

Make use of this heavy bottom pan for durable and long-lasting usage!


Color: Grey

Material: Aluminium

Lid Material: Glass

Pan Diameter: 16 cm

Non-Stick Coating: Marble

Handle Material: Bakelite

Compatible With: Gas, Electric, Glass Ceramic, and Induction Stoves