FISSMAN Borosilicate Glass Feeding Bottle 120ml (Yellow)

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Feeding bottle 120 ml (borosilicate glass) The best for children today is the key for health and well-being of future generations. FISSMAN presents to you a feeding bottle made from heat resistant borosilicate glass. This material meets all the requirements for children's bottles and provides parents and the child comfort when using it. The feeding bottle has undeniable advantages: • Reliability and durability - glass is the most hygienic material that does not react with food, does not stain when in contact with food colourants and does not deform when exposed to high temperatures • The bottle teat is made from environmentally friendly and safe silicone. It is abrasion resistant, not sticky, fragrance-free and approved for use from the first days of a baby’s life • The convenient shape gives the baby the opportunity to hold the bottle independently and the bright colours attract the baby’s attention as well as developing their colour perception • The transparent cap protects and prevent dust and dirt from getting on the teat at home and outdoors • Heat resistant up to 120°C for sterilisation • Convenient 30ml increment measurements • The wide neck makes it easy to rinse the bottle • Safe for health and environmentally friendly FISSMAN is not just a big brand, but importantly it is of reliable quality, the product of the thorough work of technologists and designers and inspired by the idea of safe and reliable cookware. Any FISSMAN product is a worthy choice over other options.