FISSMAN BARAKAT Stainless Steel Steamer Stock Pot 30x15cm with 3 Steamer Inserts 30x9cm with Glass Lid

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The modern BARAKAT steamer from the FISSMAN company is a universal partner in the kitchen, with the help of which you can easily and quickly prepare everyday, dietary and festive meals.

It is used for cooking dishes of national cuisine (manti, khinkali).

It is also suitable for steaming diet meals.

  • Steel body 18/10 (INOX304) (high quality stainless steel)
  • Multilayer induction bottom (for all types of hobs, high thermal conductivity)
  • Measuring scale (to control the amount of liquid)
  • Transparent impact-resistant glass lid with a vapor release allows you to observe the readiness of food, without opening the lids, so it will eliminate or avoid the splashes on the skin and clothes
  • Strong and easy-to-grip with steel riveted handles
  • Can be used as a double boiler and steam meat, fish and vegetable dishes
  • During cooking of steam foods it will not stick together and the shape will be the same, beautiful and tasty.
  • Products are steamed evenly, which prevents them from burning
  • Multi-tier allows you to cook many different dishes at once, using each tier
  • Large capacity
  • Approved by professionals Chefs
  • Safe for the environment. No harmful subtances

Choosing BARAKAT FISSMAN branded steel cookware, you can be sure of the best quality standard of the products.

The original design, style and the uniqueness of the product that only FISSMAN can do.