FISSMAN Aluminium with Non-Stick Coating StockPot EMMA 24x17cm/6.3 L with Glass Lid with Induction Bottom

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14360 Stockpot EMMA 24x17 cm / 6.3 LTR with glass lid with induction bottom (aluminium with non-stick coating) When choosing a cookware, it is important to think about safety from a health point of view. Eco-friendly materials are not a tribute to changing fashion, but a guarantee that the food will not only be tasty but good for you.
The main feature of the EMMA cookware series and the pride of FISSMAN is the ultra-strong multi-layer non-stick TouchStoneForte coating based on mineral components that were developed by the company itself.
• TouchStoneForte is an improved version of TouchStone, recognised by leading professional chefs. Its performance is three times higher; it is three times more reliable and durable.
• Thanks to the reinforced formula, the new TouchStoneForte coating is even more resistant to abrasion.
• The smooth finished surface has gold speckles. The stockpots look spectacular and will be a decorative addition to any kitchen.
• The EMMA series stockpots are large with generous capacities allowing you to cook for the whole family, saving time, effort and energy.
• The cast aluminium cookware with a stainless steel lid handle is oven and camp fire safe.
• The transparent lid, which allows you to monitor food preparation whilst being protected from any splashes on skin or clothing.
• Suitable for cooking various soups, fries, stews and goulashes as well as dishes of national cuisine such as pilaf, chakhokhbili, shurpa, lagman, basma and many others.
• Suitable for all hob types including induction.
The EMMA series is the choice of those who appreciate quality and strive to eat healthy and delicious meals. With EMMA cookware your most daring culinary fantasies will become a reality. Create; try new things; indulge yourself and your loved ones. FISSMAN wishes you every success in the culinary field!