FISSMAN Aluminium with Non-Stick Coating Deep Frying Pan REBUSTO 28x7.4cm with Detachable Handle with Induction Bottom

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The FISSMAN presents the frying pans of the REBUSTO Series.

It is very important to have a quality frying pan in your kitchen. The right product is safe, practical, convenient and durable.

Being one of the leaders in the production of unique and high-quality tableware, the brand uses the latest technologies and at the same time carefully preserves the centuries-old culinary traditions.

The safety and environmental friendliness of the pans is ensured by the modern non-stick Platinum coating. FISSMAN is the first manufacturer in the world to use it.

The combination of aluminum with an innovative coating has made REBUSTO products the brightest series on the world cookware market.

This is the merit of the professional technologists and designers of the brand, who put their knowledge, experience and their own vision into the creation of tableware.

• Platinum is a professional finish recognized by top chefs.
• Due to its rough surface, it is ideal for preparing crispy dishes.
• Thanks to the removable handle, the REBUSTO pans can be used for baking in the oven. It is convenient to store the products disassembled.
• Thanks to the low side board, it is convenient to turn and remove pancakes and pancakes.
• Frying pans with an original coating with shimmering particles will become a worthy decoration of the kitchen. The coating does not darken over time.

The REBUSTO frying pan will become a reliable assistant in the preparation of crispy aromatic chicken, juicy cutlets, amazing fish. FISSMAN developers have provided all the nuances to make cooking a joy. Experience this firsthand: enjoy cooking with the REBUSTO range.