ECG 12 Channels 3AE12

AED 4,200.00 AED 4,400.00 AED 4,200.00 نفذ

التوفر: متوفر

البائع:Abronn FZE

ECG1200G is an electrocardiograph which can collect 12-lead ECG signal simultaneously and print ECG waveform with thermal printing system. It features in, recording and displaying ECG waveform in AUTO/Manual mode, measuring and diagnosing ECG waveform parameters automatically, prompting for Lead off and Lack of paper, multi-language interface, AC/DC, selecting rhythm lead, printing the trend chart and histogram of P-R interval that convenient to observe abnormal heart rhythm, case database management, button operation and touch screen function, etc.

Features: 1. Sync collection for 12-lead ECG, a sampling accuracy of 24-bit can get high-quality ECG waveform via power frequency filter, baseline filter and EMG filter of ECG signal. 2. Built-in large capacity memory, convenient for case review and statistic 3. Filter can be displayed in one screen, convenient for contrastive diagnosis. 4. Multi-language (Chinese, English, Turkish, Portuguese, German, Russian, Kazakh and other languages) interface and report.