Amazing Thing iPhone XS Max EX BULLET 3D Fully Covered Glass Screen Protector

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AMAZINGthing Supreme Glass EX BULLET 3D Fully Covered Screen Protector for the Apple iPhone XS Max features a 3X stronger reinforced border offering maximum protection to the edges of the protector which is the most vunerable part of a glass protector. The EX BULLET has undergone and passed 150cm Drop Tests. The Ultra Hard edges offer 3x resistance to chipping. Despite the extra strength, the Ex Bullet is only 0.3mm thick. The 3D Fully covered Glass covers almost the entire screen with a color matched border to replicate the original look of the phone bezel. Supreme Glass Screen Protector also features curved rounded edges for a safe, comfortable and precise fit. The Oleophobic coating prevents fingerprints and contaminants making the glass protector easy to clean. The Screen Protector is 3D Touch compatible wherein Touch Screen sensitivity is maintained like the original screen. The Protector allows you to install most covers without any problem as long as the case / cover is not touching / pushing up the protector edges. IF using a cover on your phone, it is recommended to install the Ex Bullet Glass Protector while the cover is already installed on the phone.