RAPOO MT550 Mouse Multimode Black

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التوفر: متوفر

البائع:Genx Systems

  • 1. Three connection modes: comfort and ease M100 provides bluetooth 4.0, bluetooth 3.0 and wireless 2.4g three smart connection modes,
  • 2. Work efficiently on three sides of the workplace Up to 3 devices can be connected at the same time, and can quickly switch between 3 devices, so that you take your time Cope with complex work, become a workplace expert.
  • 3.Ergonomics is exquisite and compact The mouse is exquisite and compact, designed for small hands and travel users;Left and right hand symmetrical design, fit the palm Curve, long handshake feeling is still comfortable.
  • 4. The matte surface has a fine texture Mouse cover with fine surface reverend mother process, feel comfortable, texture is delicate.On both sides of the Rubber hole design, bring good anti - slip effect.
  • 5. Customize the activity as needed Ordinary version: adopt high quality micro motion, long life, Bounce quickly clear, let the fingertips full of clever. Mute version: adopt mute fretting to reduce effectively Use noise, suitable for library and other environments. Leaper developed its own power-saving program, supplemented by a low-power processing chip, to make the M100 run on one AA battery In this case, it can last up to 9 months without the trouble of changing the battery frequently