MAIZAM PARIS - Zamzam Refreshing Water Spray 125ml

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MAIZAM FRENCH INNOVATION Zamzam Refreshing Water Spray for Sensitive Skin Suitable for Hajj and Umrah

Key Features:

  • Totally Safe – Suitable for pregnant women, athletes & fitness practitioners, and on dry skin after birth.
  • Perfect for Festivals – This skincare item can be used during Hajj and Umrah without any hesitation since it does not contain fragrances or alcohol. This Cooling spray soothes your skin perfectly in the hot weather.
  • Heals Irritations – Using this product daily can help to calm and heal your skin. It helps to combat issues like dermatitis and pruritus too.
  • Great for Traveling – Skin tends to dry up in cold climate and you might experience itching as well, especially if you have sensitive skin. Use this product to prevent that from happening!
  • Treats Sunburn – Significant exposure to the sunlight can cause sunburns that look unsightly and damage skin tone as well. Use the refreshing spray for its immense cooling effect.


You should definitely focus on buying skincare products that not only give you natural radiance and soft skin but doesn’t cause any underlying harm.

Zamzam Refreshing Water Spray (125 ml)

As is evident from the name, Zamzam water is the key ingredient here, with its effect being compounded by a cooling agent, caffeine, and natural extracts like horse chestnut and licorice. This spray induces a healing effect on the skin, so it feels cool and refreshed. It is all the more useful for combating irritation, redness, and inflammation.

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