Te Gusto Pastilles "TeGustiki" Apple 30oz.

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Te Gusto,Dry fruit product (Apple pastilles)

Made in Republic of Armenia.

Ingredients: Apples (dried under the sun with no preservatives),Storage conditions: In clean and dry place, temperature of 25c, away from direct sunlight, Humidity not more than 75%.Valid for 12 months.Net weight: 40g,Date of manufacture and expiry indicated on the packing.Nutrition facts per 100g:Calories290Total Fat 0.1g,Saturated Fat 0.0g,Trans Fat 0g,Cholesterol 0g,Sodium12mg,Total Carbohydrates77.0g,Total Sugars55.6g, protein3.0g, facts per 40g:Total Fat0.04g,Saturated Fat 0.0g ,Trans Fat 0g,Cholesterol 0g,Sodium4.8mg,Total Carbohydrates30.8g,Total Sugars22.24g,                       

Natural Fruit pastilles:apple are prepared by the method of solar drying, without preservatives.