Te Gusto Prune Fruit Pastilles 40G

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Te Gusto Dry fruit product (Prune pastilles).

Country of origin is republic of Armenia 

ingredients: prune (dried under the sun with no preservatives). Storage Conditions: In clean and dry place, temperature 25c, away from direct sunlight, Humidity not more than 75% Valid for 12months. Net weight:40g Date of manufacture and expiration indicated on the packing. Nutrition facts per 100g: Calories 270 Total Fat 1.1g Saturated Fat 0.3g Trans Fat 0g Cholesterol 0g Sodium 11.0mg Total Carbohydrates 82.0g Total Sugars 54.9g protein 2.5g Nutrition facts per 40g: Total Fat0.44g Saturated Fat0.12g Trans Fat0g Cholesterol0g Sodium4.4mg Total Carbohydrates32.8g Total Sugars21.96g.

Fruit pastilles plum are prepared by the method of solar drying.Fruit pastilles made from prunes are rich in vitamins, macro and microelements. They are able to fill the body with nutrients and useful substances that are in a convenient form.