Smily Kiddos Fancy Pop Pencil Case Bunny Theme

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البائع:Smily kiddos

Pencil case with rabbit print! Perfect gift for rabbit lovers! In kindergarten or at school, with fancy pop pencil case your kids will be the trendiest of all the children! This cute and cool pop pencil case features buttons so you can get to what you need quickly. It is a Multi-Functional Storage, Dual Sided Box features magnetic snap to help hold all your items in the box securely and safely.

Key Features:

  • Two main compartments with magnetic closure
  • Pop out calculator
  • Shoot out drawer compartment with inbuilt pen slots
  • Pop out mini drawer compartment that's perfect for an eraser
  • Pop up pencil sharpener
  • Internal personalizable timetable card insert

Physical Measurements:

  • Dimensions - L 26cm x H 9cm x W 3cm
  • Weight - 273gm