Promate USB-C Wireless Mouse, Ergonomic 2.4GHz Type-C Cordless Mice with 2-In-1 USB-A and USB-C Nano Receiver, Aluminium Scroll Wheel with Adjustable DPI for MacBook Pro, PC, Desktop, Laptop, Suave-2Blue

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Enjoy ultimate control and efficiency with Suave-2 high-precision mouse. The ergonomic wireless mouse boasts adjustable DPI button to switch up to 1600 DPI to get the best tracking for every activity. Experience no dropouts or delays with the reliable 2.4 GHz wireless connectivity. The mouse fits snugly into any of your hand’s palm as it sports an ambidextrous design. Suave-2 features a 2-in-1 USB-C/USB-A dongle so that you can connect it with to any device with ease. Enjoy more accuracy and no delays with Suave-2.


Remarkable Responsiveness:
Suave-2 offers a new and improved experience with excellent precision tracking and accuracy that will provide exceptional efficiency, with three DPI resolutions to switch from (800, 1200, 1600) making you more productive while keeping you comfortable with the ergonomic design.

Reliable 2.4GHz Wireless:
With new advanced 2.4GHz connectivity, you will achieve complete freedom and productivity over the different channel range it can provide away from all wireless interruptions or interference.

Dual Connectivity with USB-C and USB-A:
Flexibility comes in different shapes and sizes, in this case, it comes in two, USB-C and USB-A. Whether you want to use the laptop on modern-day Type-C laptop, or you want to plug into your desktop workstation at work, it will be very easy and convenient.

2-in-1 Nano Receiver:
The nano receiver is the ideal modern-day solution, leaving you with the best experience for both office and home use by providing you with both a USB-A and a USB-C while maintain the full capabilities of your desk space thanks to the small size of the receiver.

Plug, Play and Forget:
Simply insert the wireless USB receiver into your device and you’ll be up and running quickly as the mouse driver will download and install automatically without any hassle.

Distinctive Four Buttons:
The new Sauve-2 has four different buttons, each offering a satisfying click response without distracting you or taking away from the shape and body of the mouse and they provide a consistent experience through using this mouse over some time.

Aluminum Scroll Wheel:
Browse all your favourite website content with a precise and unique scrolling wheel. This mouse offers a scrolling experience that can sustain vigorous usage and remain durable without losing performance.

Power Saving Technology:
Smart power-saving technology is built into the new Suave-2, giving you more time with your batteries and allowing you to be more productive without worrying about replacing your batteries often.

Ambidextrous Design:
Are you left-handed or right-handed? It doesn’t matter, because the new compact design is both small and ambidextrous. Giving you complete freedom of use in either hand while staying comfortable with a fatigue-free grip.

Goes Wherever you Go:
The compact and ergonomic shape of the mouse is perfect for being on the go. It sports a premium and small design, allowing you to take the mouse anywhere you want so that you can be productive at home, at work, or on the go.

Long Range Signal:
Connect the mouse on your desk or use it from across the room at up to 10m working range. Thanks to the long wireless capabilities of the mouse, you will be able to move around freely and away from your desk without losing any connectivity or performance.

Operating System Support:
No matter what kind of laptop or desktop computer you are using, Suave-2 is compatible with most operating systems, including Windows, Mac and Linux. This gives you complete flexibility when taking it on the go to work or at home.