Kwikheat Pocket Warmer - Instant Reusable Portable Warmers Pack of 2

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  • Instant therapeutic heat (up to 54oC) in just 15 seconds – no microwave required
  • Ideal for outdoor activities, keeping your hands warm in pockets or gloves
  • Stays warm for up to 30 minutes, reusable again and again
  • Two Pocket Warmers per pack, to keep both hands warm
  • Safe and non-toxic liquid, phthalate-free plastic, environmentally friendly
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You put on your coat, your scarf, gloves and maybe even a big furry hat, but it’s not quite enough. Within a few minutes the cold has found its way to your hands and before you know it you’re dropping things or just feeling sorry for yourself. Or maybe you’ve had to pack your kids off to school and watch them shiver in the wind. You don’t go skiing anymore because your hands get frozen. Or an elderly relative is stuck indoors during the winter because it’s just too chilly.Our Kwikheat Pocket Warmers are the ultimate convenient heat source. They’re small and light, easy to carry with you. In fact you could carry some for the whole family and they still wouldn’t really weigh you down. They’ll still give you a hefty dose of heat whenever you need it. You can fit them in your pocket (hence the name…) or you can squeeze them into your glove. In fact they will fit pretty much anywhere you are feeling cold or sore: down your back, behind your neck, against your cheek. Each pack comes with two Pocket Warmers, so you can warm both sides of yourself at the same time.