Kwikheat Neck Warmer - Instant Reusable Heat Warmers

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سياسات المتجر

  • Instant therapeutic heat (up to 54oC) in just 15 seconds – no microwave required
  • Great for massage, pain relief, reducing muscle tension or just for staying warm
  • Stays warm for up to 60 minutes, reusable again and again
  • Fits snugly around neck or over shoulders
  • Safe and non-toxic liquid, phthalate-free plastic, environmentally friendly
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1 Year


You just can’t resist our Neck Warmer. It’s like a big hug, or a gentle massage, a reassuring warmth around your shoulders. Move your head slightly – is your neck sore? Possibly from hunching over a laptop all day or nodding all through a flight or from an old injury. Now lift your shoulders – are they feeling stiff and tense?If so, our Neck Warmer is here to help. It sits on your shoulders and lightly caresses your neck, give you an hour of delicious warmth – you don’t have to hold it in place, so you can just get on with things. You’ll be able to sigh with relief and let your shoulders drop as all the tension melts away. Everyone who sees you will be jealous!A stiff neck and shoulders can really reduce your performance at work, your concentration when driving and your happiness at home. Get back to your usual relaxed and happy self with a Kwikheat Neck Warmer.