• CPU RK3066 ARM cortex A9 Dual Core processor up to 1.6 Ghz
  • RAM 1GB DDR3
  • OS Version Android 4.2 ‎(‎Jelly Bean‎)‎ OS
AED 260  (-31%) AED 179
In stock SKU: HaUTM7012RK

This Polaroid internet tablet is an easy to use and multifunctional device that allows you to watch video‎,‎ read books‎,‎ listen to music‎,‎ take pictures and video‎,‎ check your e‎-mail‎,‎ play games and surf the internet at a moments notice‎.‎ Its 7 Inch touch screen is easy to navigate and provides high quality‎-clear images‎.‎



Brilliant Display

The 7 inch capacitive display transforms the entire display experience‎.‎ So every thing looks and feels incredibly lifelike and perfectly detailed‎.‎



Wi‎-Fi wireless compatibility

This Polaroid tablet comes with Wi‎-Fi wireless compatibility that lets you connect to the Internet wherever Wi‎-Fi zones are available‎.‎



Android 4.2 ‎(‎Jelly Bean‎)‎

Increase your performance with new Android 4.2 Jelly Bean operation system that makes everyday tasks easier than ever before — and gives you new features to love even more‎.‎ Review and clear notifications with a swipe of the finger‎,‎ plus more‎.‎ Android 4.2 Jelly Bean is a fast and smooth version of Android‎.‎ Find more apps to suit all your needs on Google Play‎.‎ Access more than 900‎,‎000 apps‎,‎ listen to your favorite music‎,‎ read fascinating books and magazines‎,‎ watch new movies and popular TV shows‎,‎ apply artistic effects to your photos‎,‎ play games and much more‎.‎




Unbelievable moments gets believable when you capture them with the camera‎.‎ A front facing camera supports Skype‎,‎ video chat and allows you to take videos and pictures‎.‎



Up to 32GB card slot

The SD card slot allows you to add up to 32GB of expandable memory for storing additional music‎,‎ videos and pictures‎.‎



Keep Fun Close in Your Hand

Hold this tablet in your hand ‎- that is when you get how unbelievable it is‎.‎ It still does all the gaming‎,‎ surfing and everything else you love‎,‎ more powerfully than ever‎.‎ It can be whatever you want it to be‎.‎ It is your web browser‎.‎ It is your inbox‎.‎ It is your favorite novel‎.‎

General OS Android 4.2 ‎(‎Jelly Bean‎)‎ OS
Processor CPU RK3066 ARM cortex A9 Dual Core processor up to 1.6 Ghz
Memory RAM 1GB DDR3
Audio Video Camera Front Camera‎:‎ 0.3 Megapixel Back Camera‎:‎ 2 Megapixels
Storage Hard Drive 8GB Internal Memory
Connectivity Wireless Wi‎-Fi‎:‎ 802‎,‎11 b/g/n wireless internet
Battery Capacity 3000mAh lithium battery
Others Additional Features 7‎"‎ Capacitive Touch Screen 8 GB Internal Storage‎,‎ SD Card Slot 2 Megapixels Back Camera‎,‎ 0.3 Megapixels Front Camera Dual‎-core 1.6 GHz CPU‎,‎ 1 GB RAM Android OS‎,‎ v4.2 ‎(‎Jelly Bean‎)‎ Connectivity‎:‎ Wi‎-Fi
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