Panasonic ER217-S Trimmer

Panasonic ER217-S Trimmer

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Panasonic ER217-S Trimmer
The Panasonic ER 217-S is a men's trimmer made for an efficient trimming experience. You can create your own style of beard with the help of the Panasonic ER 217-S trimmer. Maintain a stubble or a thick beard using this men's trimmer according to your requirements. The Panasonic ER217 men's trimmer can be used both in and out of the shower.

The Panasonic men's trimmer features 14 steps length adjustment to choose an appropriate length of hair you want to trim. The 14 length adjustments vary from 0.6 mm to 20 mm depending on whether you want long, medium-length or short hair. The special thinning function on the Panasonic ER 217-S trimmer helps you to shape thin sideburns perfectly. The maintenance of the ER 217-S men's trimmer is simple as you can easily rinse the trimming head under tap water.

The complete unit of the Panasonic trimmer is packed in an ergonomic body that fits easily in your hand. The comfortable grip of the Panasonic ER 217-S men's trimmer enables easy manoeuvring. The wide blade on the Panasonic ER 217-S trimmer gives a close cut without any pressure on the hair. This wide blade protects your skin by preventing rashes and injuries.

General Type Trimmer
Colour Silver
Physical Dimensions 6.7 x 1.8 x 1.8
Weight 5.3 oz
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