Garmin Vívosmart Purple Small

Garmin Vívosmart Purple Small

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Personalized Daily Goals
As you meet your milestones, Vívofit will adjust your goal for the next day, gradually nudging you toward a healthier lifestyle. At Garmin Connect, our free online community, you can earn virtual badges and view your progress.

Tells Time and Time to Move
Research shows prolonged periods of inactivity such as sitting at a desk decreases your body’s production of fat burning enzymes. You can reverse that effect by taking frequent, short walk breaks throughout your day. It vibrates  after 1 hour of inactivity and builds when you’ve been sitting too long. Just walk for a couple of minutes to reset the move bar.

Keep Moving
When you’re ready to take the next steps toward better health, vívofit has additional features to keep you motivated. Use a heart rate monitor with Vívofit to record your heart rate and zone data and get more accurate calorie burn information for any activity, such as a run or a cardio class at the gym. At Garmin Connect, you can join online challenges with other Vívofit users or start your own competition with friends to compete for virtual badges and bragging rights.

Always On
Vívofit follows your progress 24/7, and it can stay on for more than a year without a battery change. Set the sleep mode when you go to bed and Vívofit will monitor your rest. At Garmin Connect, you can see your total sleep hours as well as periods of movement and restful sleep. The Vívofit band is water resistant, so you can shower or get caught in the rain.

General Type Fitness Tracker
Physical Dimensions 127-172 mm
Weight 18.7 gms
Technical Measuring Method Heart rate-based calorie computation
Power Power Source Rechargeable lithium battery
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