Garmin Varia Tail Light

Garmin Varia Tail Light

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Garmin Varia Tail Light
Garmin took a cue from automobiles when designing its new Varia Tail Light, which is fitting, as the light aims to facilitate better communication between motorists and cyclists. As you approach a turn or intersection, the tail light brightens to signal your decrease in speed the same way a car's brake lights do especially helpful when making a turn at an intersection without a stoplight. You can keep your hands on the brakes and bars because the light signals for you.

Since it does so in the same manner as a car, it is especially effective with motorists. The light uses GPS data from Garmin's ANT+ Edge head units to detect when you start slowing. By the time you come to a complete stop, the light is at its brightest. You can also mount a second tail light to use with your Edge computers as an electronic turn signal, so you don't have to rely on single-handed braking and steering while turning on urban streets. While you are not turning or slowing, the light can be set to either solid or flashing modes, and if you don't have a compatible Garmin computer, the tail light will still help keep you visible without even if it doesn't change in reaction to your speed.

  • 22 Lumens / 7 Red LEDs
  • Constant-On / Flashing / On / Off Modes
  • Remote Control Compatible
  • Seat-Post Quarter-Turn Mount
  • Multi-Location Quarter-Turn Mount
  • Rechargeable Via Micro-USB Cable
  • Waterproof, Rated IPX7
General Type Tail Light
Battery Requirements Internal rechargeable battery / 4 h
Colour Black
Physical Dimensions 9.2 x 3.8 x 1.7 cm
Weight 1.8 oz
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