Celestron Microscope Advanced 230

Celestron Microscope Advanced 230

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Celestron Microscope Advanced 230
Celestron Advanced Compound Microscope Biological 500x - 44104 is an-image intermediate level microscope with advanced features such as an Abbe Condenser, Iris Diaphragm, and Electric Illuminator. The Abbe Condenser is a moveable and more precise condenser that can be moved up and down vertically, regulating the amount of light illuminated.

The Celestron 500x Laboratory Biological Microscope offers today's latest advances, including electric LED lighting that provides bright, natural colors, yet stays cool to the touch.  Two included eyepieces (10x and 12.5x) and 3 objective lenses (4x, 10x and 40x) allow for magnifications of 40x, 50x, 100x, 125x, 400x, and 500x.  

Strong and stable thanks to its all-metal construction, this microscope features an adjustable, mechanical stage so you can easily center your specimen slides. The 5 included prepared slides guarantee exciting discoveries right out of the box.

The Abbe condenser concentrates and focuses light when using high-power objective lenses. Since these lenses (40x and up) tend to have very small apertures, the condenser combined with an iris diaphragm provides increased illumination and resolution. You can easily adjust brightness, contrast, depth of field, and evenness of illumination on your specimen.


  • All metal body for durability and rigidity
  • 10x and 12.5x eyepieces and 4x, 10x, 40x objective lenses for 40x/50x/100x/125x/400x/500x powers
  • Adjustable arm from 0° to 60° for comfortable views
  • Abbe condenser to regulate light from illuminator
  • Iris diaphragm to adjust light passing through slide
  • Electric illuminator for better control of light
  • Mechanical Stage of 115mm x 125mm (4.5 inches x 4.9 inches) with stage clips
  • Coarse and fine focusing knobs for sharp viewing of 400x and higher
General Type Microscope
Colour White
Features Magnification 1 Magnification (low power)-40 x
Magnification 2 Magnification (high power)-500 x
Technical Barlow Lens Objective Lense Diameter-3 achromatic - 4x, 10x, 40x
Eyepiece 1 (Mm) 10x-12 mm
Eyepiece 2 (Mm) 12.5x-10 mm
Physical Dimensions 254 x 382 x 203 mm
Weight 2.56 kg
Others Additional Features Fine Focus, Course Focuser, Diaphragm-Iris, Stage-Mechanical stage with spring loaded clips - 115 mm x 125 mm, Condenser Lens-Abbe, N.A. 1.25
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